The world’s worst frequent flier programs

By | May 19th, 2014

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Which frequent flier programs are the worst? I tell all in my new USA Today column. Read it — if you dare.

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This week’s burning question

Have you lost your TSA Pre-Check status? I’m working on an article about how to lose your TSA Pre-Check status, and how to get it back. Have you been relieved of your status? Have you tried to get it back? I’d love to hear your story. Here’s my email address.

Bonus question: Tell me your international credit card horror stories. Have you taken a recent trip where your plastic didn’t work? I’m interested in your story of chip-and-pin misfires, swipes that didn’t work and ATMs that ate your card. Extra bonus points for a resolution that will help fellow readers.

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  • TonyA_says

    You can read the milecards survey here:

  • jerryatric

    How about a survey for airlines other than U.S. airlines? I have B.A. & would like to know about them for example. Those “free” miles are really a bad joke. Whether it’s an airline or bank card loyalty program. By the time they get you with all the extra surcharges, it hardly pays – your loyal – the banks & airlines don’t give a damn.

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