Two live travel events you just can’t afford to miss!

By | May 23rd, 2013

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Please add me to your circles on Google Plus, because there’s something truly interesting happening today, and you’re going to want to follow me in order to get it. More on that in a sec. Here’s a link to my Google Plus account. Oh, and did I mention I’m giving stuff away on my G+ account every week? Yep, I sure am. See you there!


Please join me this evening at 6 p.m. EDT for a special live event on Twitter, Google and Facebook. The whole gang from Away is Home, including yours truly, will be talking summer road trips with our special guest, Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance. Here are the details. Plus, tune in Tuesday at 9 a.m. for a special #traveltuesday live event on my site. I’ll be talking with Stewart Chiron, the Cruise Guy, about the surprise new cruise industry bill of rights, which was released today.


There’s still time to sound off about the American Airlines – US Airways merger?
Is this merger a done deal? Maybe, maybe not. I explain everything in this post. I’m also very interested in your opinion. If you could either approve or disapprove the merger, what would you do? And why? Please share your thoughts. As always, don’t forget to include your full name, city and daytime occupation. Your response could be used in my story.

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You’re invited to a big party!
I’m thrilled to be hosting our first Away is Home #Familytravel reunion about summer road trips, in advance of the Memorial Day holiday. What’s a #Familytravel Reunion? Well, simply put, it’s a big online event — starring you. Here’s your invitation. Of course, you can find the whole gang on Away is Home and you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Oh, here’s one post that got a little conversation going, speaking of road trips. It’s our very irreverent take on summer driving advice. Can you handle it?

Talk to me
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“Let’s go out on the tarmac and deal with this, just you and I, right here, right now”
Depending on your point of view, Sean Hillen’s case is either an example of an airline crewmember on a power trip or a passenger behaving badly. Or maybe both. Find out more.


The mystery of the reappearing $400 cancellation fee
Matt Solum is facing a $400 cancellation fee for a DirecTV package he doesn’t want, and believes he shouldn’t have to pay for. Is there any way to get it removed? Find out what happens next. And check out the comments on this one for an important update.

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Is anyone really listening to your TSA complaints?
With only a few weeks left to leave your comments about the TSA’s controversial passenger screening methods, here’s a question worth asking: Is anyone listening? Here’s the troubling answer.

Sick restaurant surcharges you shouldn’t have to pay — or should you?
Ward Chartier almost choked on his breakfast croissant he ordered at Oakland International Airport recently.
The reason for his consternation: an item on the bill that he thought he recognized, but hoped he didn’t. It said, “EmpBen_Srchg” and it came to 12 cents, or about 2 percent of his bill. Find out what it was.


Have I mentioned today’s live event? Alright, alright. Maybe a time or two. Look, if you don’t catch it today, please tune in Tuesday. It’ll be a blast! Our Memorial Day travel party starts Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time. I’ll see you there.

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