I’ve made a few small changes to my site

By | April 12th, 2012

Do you like the new look? / Photo by Mr. Wind Up Bird

I‘ve moved a few things around on my site this week. I hope you like it. Your feedback is always welcome, of course. Here’s my email address.

This week’s highlights include my Newsweek story on credit-card security, which includes a priceless exchange between the PR person at MasterCard and a reader in the comments. And you absolutely have to stop by my TSA column on the Huffington Post and tell me whether you think agents are too rude.

I’m proud to introduce our newest underwriter, DeltaPoints.com, which offers tips and hints for earning millions of points for vacations you’ve only dreamed of but never thought you could afford. It’s really gratifying when another blog believes so strongly in good customer service that it wants to support the consumer advocacy on this site, so this sponsorship is near and dear to me. I hope you’ll visit our friends at DeltaPoints.com, a blog I’ve long admired and which I hope you’ll bookmark.


• Was this Grand Canyon rental a grand scam? I’m moving this one into the “case dismissed” file, and here’s why.

• Fees for carry-on luggage may be just the beginning, and if you’re wondering why, you have to read my story about ancillary fees and airlines.

• He double-booked his airline tickets, and it was an honest mistake. At his age, this traveler tends to forget things. Should Expedia or Lufthansa cut him a break? Or is he out of luck?

And finally, you’ve gotta catch my Washington Post column about the irony of airline taxes, and what it all means to you. It’ll make you think twice about all those taxes on your ticket.

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By the way, thanks for bearing with me in the last few weeks while I’ve worked on this site redesign. I really hope you like the final result.

  • Raven_Altosk

    Looks good! 
    FYI, I use Safari and I get this random weird outline of a box in the middle of the page over your main text.

    Edited: It is no longer appearing on the “VRBO” story as it was earlier, but now on this one.

    I will screenshot later if you need it.

  • I get phantom boxes on various pages.
    Not liking the new layout, sorry.
    Using Google Chrome.

  • Also use Safari on a Mac and the box is on this page and the one about VRBO.  On that page it is farther down the page. The only other thing I don’t like: The comments are in very small print for some reason. Other than those two issue, I like the new layout.

  • I see the phantom boxes, too. I’m sending a screen shot to my webmaster. Dave, can you be a little more specific about what you don’t like?

  • Love the redesign, Chris; very sharp and crisp. Easier to read. Though I, too, am seeing the phantom boxes. I’m using Safari.

  • ExplorationTravMag

    I really like the new look of the site.  I have to be honest, the social networking buttons you had a couple days ago were more attractive but I love the banner.

    And you must have fixed the phantom box thing because I’m not seeing it on Google Chrome.

    And the exchange between the Mastercard Comm person and the poster? I wish you had warned me because I spewed my morning tea onto my screen and keyboard.

  • MikeInCtown

    They aren’t shadow boxes, but instead the boxes that you can use to share on FB, Google +, Digg, and the others. I am using IE8 and they are in the way of everything right down the middle of the page here.

    Overall, I like the new tabs at the top. When I visited yesterday I couldn’t find the stories as they used to be on the home page, but once I clicked the Blog tab, i see them with the photos and partial preview as I did before. I think the new look really cleans up the home page though and I like it better.

  • Looks good, no problem using Mozilla FireFox.

  • naoma

    Great site as always.  A real favorite of mine~!

  • Ann Lamoy

    Like the site redesign. Not having any issues with the phantom boxes either. I checked this morning on my Android phone, this afternoon on my Kindle Fire and now on my laptop-using Firefox and all sans phantom boxes. (Yes, I love tech gadgets)

    I did find on the initial load the page was huge but used the cntrl (-) to make it smaller.

  • streamerstoo

    I would love to see the comments in larger print. At least a little, it is so small I need a magnifying glass to read the comments.

  • TonyA_says

    works  well with android tab – samsung galaxy.

  • Daves

    Personally, I wish you could somehow modify the “theme” of your Disqus comments to have bigger fonts and in one “linear” flow when people reply to comments. The farther down the replies, the more narrow-looking the comment.

    Alas, I see it’s a paid option in Disqus to do that. You still checking out other comment systems like, say, Livefyre?

    Other than that, I too like the new design, and I can somewhat understand what you wish to emphasize on the front page of your blog.

  • Monica Kennedy

    I mostly like it. I’d like to see the links to the daily posts a little bigger and more predominant.  I liked when they were previewed and in the center of the old version. I don’t know if I’m explaining that well.

  • HeyItsK

    I like the bold new look.  I agree that I wish the comments were bigger–I need to upsize them using a keyboard shortcut to be able to read them.   Also, I liked when the number of comments was displayed along with the article title, so I could see if there was anything new.  

  • Raven_Altosk

    Dittoing this. Maybe up the font a size or two on the comments?

  • Sadie_Cee

    Congratulations on the new look!  More pleasing to the eye and much easier to navigate.  Much prefer having the comments on the left and sidebars on the right.  Thank you for all that you are doing in your field. 

  • cjr001

    Simply moving the comments to the left is a huge improvement, as it should help with deeply nested replies that lose width with each reply.

  • jennj99738

     Thirded.  I can read them but, still, why so small? 

  • I’ve tried to switch the font size on the comments. Does this look better?

  • dsliesse

    The only thing I can really dislike is seeing only five comments per page, then loading five more at a time.  Just a nuisance in the grand scheme, but completely unnecessary, as well.  I haven’t found any place where I can change this setting, so I’m assuming it’s site-related.

  • HeyItsK

    My eyes say, “aaaahhhhh….much better!”

  • I fixed the comments. Now it loads 40 at a time. Is that better?

  • Raven_Altosk

    Much better!!

  • Daves

    You bet. Now if only the comments-becoming-narrower-when-replied-to problem could be fixed. :)

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