Elliott’s E-Mail/February 26, 2008

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In this issue …

Forbidden travels
Banned for life for being too pretty
Wrong name on my airline ticket — now what?
Traveling in a post-Fidel Castro Cuba
Are travel agents worth the extra money?
Don’t go there
How to reach yours truly
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FIRST | Random thoughts about the week in travel

Forbidden travels. Area 51. Havana. The forward lavatories. All are forbidden places people want to visit. And some of them are revealed to you in this issue of Elliott’s E-Mail. There’s also a new videocast, lots of blog posts, articles and archived stories about other places that are off-limits to you.

Burning question … near misses! Ever had a close call while you’re on vacation? The travel industry has near-misses all the time, whether it’s a TSA agent not spotting an explosive or a jet clipping another one on the runway (or worse). This week, I want your stories of near-misses, and your insights into whether the travel industry’s near-misses are — or aren’t — dangerous for the traveling public. Send me a note and please don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

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BLAZIN’ HOT BLOG POST | What’s burning up my bandwidth this week?

Banned for life for being too pretty — Is there such a thing as too gorgeous to fly? That’s the strange but true claim of two 18-year-olds from Oldsmar, Fla., who were escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight in Los Angeles recently. I’m not making this up. You can read the full story here and watch it here. JOIN THE DISCUSSION — leave your comment!

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Ask the Armchair Traveler | This week’s videocast

Ask the Armchair Traveler: wrong name on my airline ticket — now what? — The Armchair Traveler shows you how to fix a ticket when you’ve got the wrong name on it. Yes, there is hope. Here’s a high-resolution version.

SIGHTINGS | Noted Elliott appearances online and offline

No refunds for the dead — Robert Maddocks and his wife plan a 50th-anniversary trip to Europe. But they have to postpone the vacation and then, shortly after Maddocks rebooks the tickets, his wife dies unexpectedly. Now United has sent him two certificates for the trip — vouchers he’ll never be able to use. Don’t the circumstances warrant a refund? (From The Troubleshooter)

That’s sick! 8 ways to avoid the bug — It’s virus season, and that means you’ll probably be enduring a lot more stories like these. (From MSNBC.com)

Traveling in a post-Fidel Castro Cuba — Don’t pack your bags for Havana just yet. Fidel Castro may have announced his resignation, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be touring the Plaza de la Catedral, strolling along Varadero Beach or diving on Isla de la Juventud any time soon. (From MSNBC.com)

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BLOGGED | New posts on Elliott’s Blog

Are travel agents worth the extra money? — Hardly a week goes by that I don’t recommend the services of a competent travel agent in one of my columns. And the conventional wisdom — which is that a real travel agent can make your trip better — has gone unchallenged for years, if not by me then by my readers. Until last week. (From Elliott Blog)

Are car rental companies overbilling customers for toll violations? — This should come as absolutely no surprise. The fee-happy car rental industry has apparently figured out a way of profiting from customers who blow through an electronic tool booth without paying. (From Elliott Blog)

Is the Delta-Northwest merger doomed? — It’s Thursday, and there’s still no announcement that Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines will merge. Frustrating for shareholders and airline beat reporters? Yes. But a Godsend for air travelers, who would almost certainly benefit from a more competitive airline industry. (From Elliott Blog)

Starwood devalues award points in a “pretty sneaky” way — Why cut your frequent flier program and face public humiliation, as US Airways did last week, when you can quietly chip away the value of your awards in relative private? That’s what Starwood Hotels, which owns the Four Points, Sheraton and W brands, must have been thinking when they announced changes to their rewards program yesterday. (From Elliott Blog) HOT POST!

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FLASHBACK | A retrospective from the Elliott archives

Don’t go there. What not to do on your next vacation.

Thrills for sale: deadly adventures — Dog sledding in Alaska. Off-roading in Baja. Running with the bulls in Pamplona. Marc Madnick has done it all, and that’s just for starters. Next year, the 34-year-old father of two is heading to Morocco to cross the desert. “I’m also planning to go shark-cage diving in South Africa soon,” he says. (From The Travel Critic)

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Forbidden adventures beckon travelers — When you think of destinations that are off-limits, places like Beijing’s Forbidden City, Cuba or even Roswell, N.M., probably come to mind. Not Stockerau, Austria. But take a Web site and a few wired expatriates with a taste for adventure, and anything can happen. (From Destinations)

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