What you don’t know about your ticket can cost you

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What you don’t know about your ticket can cost you. Your online travel agency may be biased. Find out what that could do to your next ticket purchase in my USA Today column.

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Ever splurged for a last-minute upgrade? Some airlines try to sell you a premium seat at the gate. Have you ever splurged for a seat in first- or business-class? Was it a good deal? I’m working on a story and I’d love to hear yours. Here’s my email address.

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The latest news from Elliott

Should Costa reverse course on this fare error?
Oh no, not again.

Airlines change gears on passengers flying with bikes
David French remembers the first time he flew with his bike, in 1977.

Amtrak goes off the rails for some passengers
The complimentary amenity kits on Amtrak’s Empire Builder service from Chicago to Portland and Seattle have vanished forever.

Broadsided by a rental car damage claim
There’s damage to the undercarriage of Jessyka Glatz’s rental car, at least according to Hertz.

Uh-oh, my Google Nexus is DOA
No one seems to care that Michael Rudolf’s Google Nexus doesn’t work. Can this device be saved?

Is this yet another “benefit” of the American Airlines – US Airways merger?
Here we go again.

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  • TonyA_says

    How to fight fare bias

    • Cast a wide net. Search more than one online travel agency and check with an airfare aggregator, which queries numerous online agencies, such as Kayak and Skyscanner

    Why send anyone to Skyscanner? Have you seen their OTA list?
    If you take Expedia and Orbtiz companies Cheaptickets and ebookers out then you might be left with a list of vendors to avoid.
    In an attempt to fight fare bias you might get a bigger problem :-)

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