Post-vacation regret: Snagged in the old timeshare trap!

Sabrina Cousins recently enjoyed an “amazing” trip to Puerto Vallarta. She had such a wonderful time that she ended her stay by purchasing an expensive Palladium Travel Club membership. But back home Cousins came down with a terrible case of post-vacation regret. And she wants us to help pull her out of the timeshare trap into which her family fell.

Can the Palladium Travel club just refuse my refund like this?

Charles Berger’s dreams of a future filled with fun family vacations prompted him to to invest in the Palladium Travel Club. But now those dreams have turned to nightmares as he tries to sift through all the additional fees and blackout dates. Will he ever be able to enjoy his “investment”?

This is what happens when you get in the line for TSA PreCheck uninvited

Lara MacLean contacted our advocacy team with an angry tale of her recent ejection from the TSA PreCheck line at the Fort Myers airport. But she doesn’t have TSA PreCheck approval, nor did she get a random invitation to join this specialized line. So why did she get on it in the first place?

New reasons travelers are rethinking their rental cars now

If you’re planning a vacation, then renting a car may be as automatic as making hotel or restaurant reservations. Or not. New ground transportation options are blossoming in the sharing and hailing economies. A recent Bank of America review of its card users found that people are thinking differently about how they get around.

These American Airlines executive contacts helped him get a voucher

If there’s one part of this site that’s magic, it’s our executive contacts. Just ask Edward Jackson, who was en route on a mission trip from Baltimore to Rio Negro, Brazil, when we cast a spell that helped him recover an American Airlines voucher.

This check scam could happen to anyone. Don’t let it be you

Technically, the check scam Pamela Kelley fell for is a business-to-business issue. But it’s so awful, and has so many applications in the real world, that I had to write something about it — and perhaps even advocate her case.

A mystery shopper scam just cost me $1,100. Help!

Michele Turner recently received an unsolicited invitation to become a secret shopper for Walmart. This new job sounded unbelievably easy and lucrative. So she quickly accepted the offer. But what happened next cost her $1,700 as she joined the ranks of victims of this mystery shopper scam.

Are you allowed to take pictures on planes? Yes and no

Are you allowed to take pictures on planes? Yes and no.

On a recent American Airlines flight from Santiago, Chile, to Dallas, Natalie Root had a front-row seat for an unpleasant confrontation. The aircraft she boarded happened to be a new Boeing Dreamliner, and her friend, an aviation buff, wanted to snap a few pictures of the plane’s interior as it taxied down the runway. Big mistake.

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