JetBlue’s bizarre but funny blogging stunt

This may be one of the strangest — and possibly the funniest — guest-blogging engagements I’ve ever seen. Cartoon character Montgomery Burns of the Simpsons “took over” David Neeleman’s blog at JetBlue today.

“Smithers entered my chambers this morning, toting wretched tales of congenial customer service and overly indulgent amenities on your JetBlue Airways. And for what… your precious passengers?” writes Burns, the self-described “corporate overlord” from the animated series.

Simpsons characters are all over the JetBlue site promoting their upcoming movie. My first response: what a great idea!

“Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you how I would run this airline,” Burns writes.

And then the irony of it all started to sink in. The fact that Neeleman isn’t really running JetBlue anymore. Two months ago it pushed him out in an apparent response to its Valentine’s Day meltdown. The fact that Mongomery Burns is the worst kind of boss and is probably better suited to running a legacy carrier (which would still be funny).

Despite all that, I applaud JetBlue for taking a risk and associating itself with a show that wastes no opportunity to thumb its nose at the establishment. It shows the folks in Forest Hills still have a sense of humor.

(Full disclosure: I’m a dedicated TrueBlue member and JetBlue is my preferred carrier on my increasingly infrequent trips to New York.)

Hat tip to Flight Wisdom.

Christopher Elliott

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