Do you need a Schengen visa? You just might

Abdul Mughal and his family needed a Schengen visa when they flew from Washington, D.C., to Tajikistan recently. They didn’t get one and had to pay another $6,000 to get home. Read more “Do you need a Schengen visa? You just might”

Unfortunately, we can’t take every case

When Nicholas Nygaard and his wife returned home from a trip early to attend a family member’s funeral, he tried to reschedule his trip using Expedia. Then he found that Expedia had sold him tickets with the wrong dates. He asked our advocates for help in getting the dates corrected. Read more “Unfortunately, we can’t take every case”

WOW! You have a heart

Sometimes a company goes above and beyond what we think is a fair resolution to a consumer’s request. Andrew Tressler’s case is an example of this largess, and I am happy to report how WOW Air recently handled his situation. Read more “WOW! You have a heart”