Help, my email is “already taken” on Twitter!

Heidi Reyes can’t change the email address on her Twitter account. Can this consumer advocate for herself? Find out.
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Twitter has a secret about you

This week’s top story was Janice Hough’s first-person account about the power of social media.
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Twitter knows more about American Airlines than American Airlines

Miami International Airport was in a state of chaos. No one was being allowed into the concourses. Passengers and employees were being evacuated.

My source? A panicked client who called me for help.
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Have companies stopped listening to us online?

If you haven’t seen the stories about the “miracle” of social media — particularly Twitter — and how real-time social media platforms can lead to superior customer service, you won’t have to look far. Or wait long.
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5 times customers should say “sorry”

Ever apologized to a business? If you said “never,” then maybe you don’t have kids.

At some point, each of my children has slipped a candy bar or lollipop — strategically stocked at kid-level in the checkout area — into their pockets without first informing Mom or Dad. When we discovered the transgression, we raced back to the store, paid for the item and apologized. Profusely.

Then we gave the kids a stern lecture about paying for merchandise before leaving the store. We haven’t had any relapses, but then again, the teen years are just around the corner. Fingers crossed.

I hear a lot of apologies in my line of work. But as a consumer advocate, they almost always go one way: the company apologizes to a customer for a problem, actual or perceived. Sometimes, the tables should be turned.
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