Help, my email is “already taken” on Twitter!

Heidi Reyes can’t change the email address on her Twitter account. Can this consumer advocate for herself? Find out.
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Hey, @VirginAmerica, tweet me!

Do you use social media? The Pew Research Center recently found that 65 percent of U.S. adults use social networking sites, and a full 90 percent of young adults do. While most of us remember a time less than ten years ago when Twitter was just a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye, it’s safe to say that in another ten years, the next wave of young adults won’t remember a time before Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on were the norm.
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Twitter has a secret about you

This week’s top story was Janice Hough’s first-person account about the power of social media.
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Twitter knows more about American Airlines than American Airlines

Miami International Airport was in a state of chaos. No one was being allowed into the concourses. Passengers and employees were being evacuated.

My source? A panicked client who called me for help.
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Have companies stopped listening to us online?

If you haven’t seen the stories about the “miracle” of social media — particularly Twitter — and how real-time social media platforms can lead to superior customer service, you won’t have to look far. Or wait long.
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