The real reason you shouldn’t skip parts of your flight

Should Rob Rudick skip a leg of his flight from the Azores back to Boston? Our advocacy team tries to answer this seemingly easy question. Read more “The real reason you shouldn’t skip parts of your flight”

Nothing about this trip was “merry”

Kelsey Prima was planning a trip to Bangkok, then on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was a complicated itinerary using multiple airlines, the sort of thing that many travelers wouldn’t want to plan on their own, so she used a company called TravelMerry. Read more “Nothing about this trip was “merry””

Never say this to your travel agent

Travelers who book all their own travel can skip this post. But anyone who uses a travel agent, especially the first time they use one, should read on. Leaving these five forbidden words out of requests to any travel agent will save both traveler and agent a lot of time. (For travel agents reading this, these are some of the words all travel agents dread hearing.) Read more “Never say this to your travel agent”

Travelers, here’s what to expect in 2018

Fellow travelers, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your 2018 itineraries. Read more “Travelers, here’s what to expect in 2018”

How to tell if you have a qualified travel agent

Yarisa Smith knows she has a good travel agent.

“He’s made cruises and European trips special,” says Smith, a manufacturer’s representative from Dallas. “His itineraries and attention to detail have made every trip flawless. He’s even managed to successfully intervene when acts of God have waylaid my plans.”

Yet you might not know by looking at Clark Mitchell, who works for Dallas-based Strong Travel, whether he’s the real deal. Yes, his agency is cited as a source for its travel expertise by mainstream news outlets. It also prominently lists its membership in Virtuoso, an exclusive travel agency consortium.

But until now, there’s been no instantly recognized certification that says an agent is legit. That may be about to change. Read more “How to tell if you have a qualified travel agent”