What does a hotel owe me for construction noise?

All Robin Rosner wanted was a little peace and quiet when she checked into the Sheraton Centre in Toronto recently.

All she got was chaos and noise — lots of noise.

“I awoke to find my message light blinking about 3 a.m. and learned that they would be power-washing the exterior of the building starting the next day,” she says. “They were suggesting people keep their blinds closed for privacy.”

And that wasn’t all.

“They also pointed out some construction work on one of the main streets might result in a detour,” she says. But the hotel failed to tell her that its garden wasn’t open, even though it was the middle of the summer, which was a problem for Rosner, because she was traveling with her dog.
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Does TripAdvisor have a problem with fake reviews?

Who is hunnyb62?

The answer matters to Daniel Corcoran and a group of contributors to TripAdvisor’s Baltimore forum. It should matter to you, too.
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Hotwire saves the day for snowed-in customer

Most hotels offer less expensive, nonrefundable rates that can’t be changed, no matter what your circumstances. Book them through a site like Hotwire, and they’re extra nonrefundable, because of the site’s strict no-cancel, no-refund, no-change policies. Or are they?

Maybe not. Despite the recent things I’ve written about the site, buying through Hotwire can be helpful. Just ask Beth Ann Stasiowski, who had booked four nights at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, Va., recently.
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