He sold his “lemon,” but he still wants Chrysler to pay his damages

After purchasing a defective vehicle and trading it in at a loss, Edward Keucher expected fair compensation. He wants Chrysler to reimburse him, but that isn’t going to happen. This is a good lesson in why you should always act quickly if you are seeking compensation, and keep the evidence handy. Here’s why.

Why is my delayed baggage only worth $350?

Alyson Marlin and her husband were rerouted mid-trip, from a British Airways flight to an Airberlin flight. When they landed, neither British Airways or Airberlin had their luggage. They spent the entire nine-day trip without their bags. Marlin claimed $750 in reimbursable expenditures for both the bags. But Airberlin would only compensate Marlin for less than half of her claim.

Three broken washers, a broken pipe and a call to the police — will American Home Shield make this right?

When a tenant in Pamela Johnston’s New Jersey building needed a new washer and dryer, Johnston called American Home Shield, the company that provides the home warranty on the unit.

Multiple contractor visits, dozens of hours on hold, three broken appliances, one broken pipe, and one police visit later, Johnston asked for our help in getting both a working washer and dryer and financial compensation.

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