Who’s charging $257 for a room I won’t use?

Question: I recently canceled a reservation I had made through OneTravel.com at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.

When I called OneTravel, I was told I would have to pay a $257 cancellation fee. Sheraton says it wasn’t their fee. I also contacted the wholesaler that worked with OneTravel.com, and it says it didn’t charge the fee, either.

So who’s getting the money?

I emailed OneTravel repeatedly, and was finally told that Sheraton was charging OneTravel a $257 cancellation fee.

I’m retired, and losing this money would be a hardship. I know from reading your column you can get results, which we have not been able to do. We would certainly appreciate any help you can give us. — Barbara Sloan, Philadelphia

Answer: Looks as if you’ve got a real whodunit on your hands. Your online travel agent, OneTravel, is pointing the finger at Sheraton. A review of your correspondence suggests that the wholesaler pointed a finger back at OneTravel. So no one’s taking responsibility for the fee.

How interesting. I guess they won’t mind if you don’t pay the fee then, right?
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