Should hotels block your Wi-Fi hotspot?

Hilton has become the latest hotel chain to face government fines for allegedly blocking their guests’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It joins a growing list of hotel and convention centers that have fallen afoul of federal law, which forbids such activity.
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Cellphones and electronic devices on airplanes: Time to rethink the policy?

How do you know that the rules restricting electronics on planes are impractical? When you see a crew member openly texting at 36,000 feet.

That’s what Peter Zapalo says he saw on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Denver. On his way to the lavatory, Zapalo, an exercise physiologist from Philadelphia, spotted a crew member who appeared to be messaging on his BlackBerry.

“I was maybe two feet from him and you could see his text, a response, and his reply,” Zapalo said. “I’m sure passengers are sneaking around and doing this all the time, but c’mon — the flight attendant?”
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