An exception to our rule leads to a remarkable refund

Remember Efren Bojorquez? All he wanted to do was take his dad to Super Bowl XLIX. You’ll recall that despite his best efforts to purchase tickets through a secondary market options scheme ticket prices skyrocketed, and brokers selling the options could no longer procure tickets, even if they wanted to. Ticket brokers canceled their agreements with participants, keeping loads of cash, and leaving would-be game attendees empty-handed.

Enterprise pulls cars from Orbitz after dispute

Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates the largest fleet of rental cars in the world under the Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands, will announce tomorrow that it is ending its relationship with and its sister site on April 1 after “months of difficult discussions.” I asked Pam Nicholson, the president and chief operating officer of Enterprise Holdings, to explain the decision and what it means to travelers.

Luxury inn offers no out after guest’s father-in-law dies

The Crowne Pointe Historic Inn is described as a “classic 140 year old Cape Cod Sea Captain’s estate” in Provincetown, Mass., and Carolyn Boschi was looking forward to her stay at the upscale resort. Then her father-in-law died unexpectedly, and she asked the hotel’s owners if they could apply her deposit toward a future stay.

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