Vacation planning is in full swing. So should you go back to your favorite destination or try something new?

You can always go back. But should you?

Our return to Paris was all but a sure thing. We had our passports. We’d spent weeks brushing up our French in Duolingo. We were even arguing about the best apartments on HomeAway.And then life happened.It wasn’t one thing that sunk our summer plans in Paris. Instead, it was a lot of little things, including some paperwork issues, school schedules and, of course, the funds. In the end, it’s always about money, isn’t it?

What to do when you never want the vacation to end

What to do when you never want your family vacation to end

Ever visited a place that you liked so much that you didn’t want to leave? Me too.I have a short list of destinations that we were so enamored of, we would live there. Some of them might be on your list, like Hawaii and Southern California. Others, like Fort Collins, Colo., New Orleans, and Ketchum, Idaho, might come as a surprise.