Madame Ambassador, the TSA will apologize for your “humiliating” pat-down — in 2011

Well, it’s about time.

The Transportation Security Administration today publicly apologized to the woman detained a year ago in this video because she didn’t want her breast milk X-rayed. Here’s the full text.

TSA investigated the matter and sent a letter of apology to the passenger in March, according to the agency. The passenger has flown since these events occurred and “no longer experiences issues” — perhaps because her baby stopped nursing.

It added,

We extend our sincere apologies to any passenger who may have experienced discomfort and inconvenience during the screening process. We appreciate hearing from passengers and encourage you to share your experiences with us.

We acknowledge this particular passenger experienced an out of the ordinary delay, and have worked with our officers to ensure we proceed with expediency in screening situations similar to this.

I only mention this oblique and long-overdue public apology because we are left to wonder how long it will take TSA to apologize for violating its own rules and patting down a foreign diplomat in Jackson, Miss., earlier this week.
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