You’re spilling over into my seat, and it’s giving me PTSD

If there was any doubt the airlines are putting profits above the comfort — and in many ways, the safety — of passengers, they’ve been dispelled by recent news.

True, economy seats are smaller and closer together, meals are scarce and not particularly healthy, and the entire experience of flying is so stressful that passengers are even in danger from one another.

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Flying to Europe? It pays to know EU 261

EU 261.

Mention the word to an airline employee, and you’re likely to get one of the following responses:

“We’re not going to talk about that.”

“No comment.”

“Sorry. Try getting in touch with IATA.”

Those are actual answers, the latter referring me to the International Air Transport Association, a trade association for the airline industry. But my all-time favorite reaction came when I was touring the operations center of a certain airline that shall remain nameless. As we passed by the department that handled EU enforcement issues, I asked if I could talk with them about EU 261.
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