Why haven’t I been charged for my honeymoon flight?

Here’s a question that came to me by way of the Monday afternoon Washington Post chat on travel (and by the way, if you haven’t dropped in to ask a question, please do). Karen Luong booked her honeymoon flights from Baltimore to Naples, Italy through Orbitz in mid-June. She received reservation number from the online agency, but hasn’t been charged yet.

How can she be sure she has a ticket?

This is a question that’s come up a time or two. What, exactly, is a ticket? Is it a record locator? A ticket number? A reservation number for your online travel agency?
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Sent back to square one on a ticket refund — what’s next?

At what point in the ticket refund game do you say “enough”? After a year? Two years? Or is it the amount of hassle that makes you throw your hands in the air in exasperation?

Sometimes it’s a combination of time and trouble, and Mindy Farabee has both.

Last May, she applied for a ticket refund from Air France, a process that would take no more than three months, she was promised. At the end of July, she contacted the airline again to determine the status of the refund.

I have talked to three people, one of whom says he has never heard of the person helping me although he’s been in web support for years. The last person I talked to said they have no record at all of my refund request. I was given a new fax number and told to start over.

As they say in France, c’est ridicule!
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Luggage fee fail! Codeshare screw-up results in accidental overcharge

afAirlines are really getting carried away with these luggage fees.

Last week, I noted that carriers are effectively demanding a ransom in exchange for transporting our personal property. I suggested they might try being more upfront about their fares.

At least they could be consistent with their luggage rules. But that didn’t happen to Peter Zapalo’s mother when she flew from Pittsburgh to Paris on Air France … I mean, Delta Air Lines. Actually, you’ll see why I’m confused in a minute.
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