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Dump this! 7 things airlines should jettison
How tAAcky! American Airlines adds elite lines while economy implodes
How is the ailing economy affecting your travel?
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FIRST | Random thoughts about the week in travel

Broken promise? Ever been offered something by a travel company — a fare, rate or amenity — that it failed to deliver? I’m interested in what happened next. Did the company ‘fess up — or ignore you? Please share your thoughts. Send me a note and please don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

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SIGHTINGS | Noted Elliott appearances online and offline

Hey, where’s my ride? — Her vacation package includes transfers from the airport to her hotel. But when she lands in Kingston, Jamaica, there’s no van to pick her up. What does N.M. Johnston’s tour operator, Apple Vacations, owe her? (From The Troubleshooter)

Dump this! 7 things airlines should jettison — Meals. Pillows. Blankets. And now, life vests. Is there anything the airlines haven’t tried to remove from their planes? As a matter of fact, yes. (From MSNBC.com)

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BLOGGED | New posts on Elliott’s Blog

How tAAcky! American Airlines adds elite lines while economy implodes — Like most other travel bloggers, I normally ignore any press releases sent to me on Monday night or Tuesday morning, because they’re what I like to call “paper fodder” — failed pitches to the marquee business travel columns in one of the dying national newspapers. But for this one, I’ll make an exception. (From Elliott Blog)

Virgin Atlantic breaks promise, hangs downgraded passenger out to dry — As a rule, Virgin Atlantic has an excellent reputation for customer service. But there are exceptions to every rule. James Simon is one of them. (From Elliott Blog)

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Summer hotel rate slump could be sign of imminent fire sale — Here’s more evidence that hotel rates may be about to fall off a proverbial cliff. Earlier this week, experts predicted some modest rate declines. But after Wall Street’s meltdown, it became a more significant downturn. Now there’s evidence that the trajectory was already set long ago. (From Elliott Blog)

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ON TRIPSO | Blog postings from the last honest travel site

How is the ailing economy affecting your travel? — You’ve watched the Wall Street meltdown — and subsequent government bailout — unfold during the last week. But how is the nation’s ailing economy affecting your next trip? (From Tripso)

It’s only a matter of time before airlines demand a bailout, too — First, Wall Street is being bailed out to the tune of $70 billion. Now, Detroit is likely to get $25 billion in federal aid. Can America’s ailing airlines be far behind? (From Tripso)

What are the greediest U.S. airlines? Here’s a helpful guide — Even though fuel costs are falling faster than a plane without wings, the airline industry continues to ratchet up fees on its passengers. Unbelievably, it insists it’s because of “high” — or for that matter “volatile” — energy costs. Do they think we’re stupid? (From Tripso)

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