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Almost there!
Mad at the airlines? Here’s how to get even
Gas dips below $4 a gallon — brace yourself for fuel price amnesia
Welcome to emergency landing week
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FIRST | Random thoughts about the week in travel

Almost there! The busy and chaotic summer travel season is almost over. If you’re as happy about that as I am, then you’ll love this week’s lineup of stories. You know it’s almost August when airline passengers are planning their revenge.

Burning question … it ain’t necessarily so? No one does double-speak like the travel biz. This week, I’m looking for your favorite examples of industry sugarcoating, double-talk or just outright lies. Send me a note and please don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

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SIGHTINGS | Noted Elliott appearances online and offline

Double-booked at the Days Inn — Chan Hoe Yip booked a room in Bakersfield, Calif., and Williams, Ariz., through the Days Inn Web site. Then again, maybe he didn’t. The reservation ends us being two nights in Bakersfield and none in Williams, and now Yip is being told there’s no refund for the extra night. Is Yip the victim of a bad Web site? (From The Troubleshooter)

Mad at the airlines? Here’s how to get even — Are you ready for the airline passenger uprising of 2008? Get ready. It’s coming. (From MSNBC.com)

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BLOGGED | New posts on Elliott’s Blog

Gas dips below $4 a gallon — brace yourself for fuel price amnesia — Ponder these two numbers. Travel on all roads and streets fell by 3.7 percent in May, the latest month for which data is available, as compared with same month in 2007. And gas prices have declined for the 11th straight day, dipping below $4 a gallon. (From Elliott Blog)

“A prime example of bureaucratic nonsense and inefficiency” — Why can’t airlines make money? No, it’s not high fuel prices (otherwise, most of Europe’s airlines would have gone belly-up long ago). Bad management? Maybe. Then again, it could just be a lack of common sense. (From Elliott Blog)

Airfare increases? What airfare increases? — Time for a little reality check. Everyone is screaming about the unprecedented rise in airfares. Well, everyone is wrong. (From Elliott Blog)

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Missed your flight to Chicago? That’ll be another $2,350, please — Philip Gibicar missed his flight to from Bakersfield, Calif., to Phoenix. He thought US Airways might put him on the next flight or, at worst, charge him a modest change fee. Instead, it demanded an additional $2,350. (From Elliott Blog)

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ON TRIPSO | Blog postings from the last honest travel site.

Welcome to emergency landing week — It must be emergency landing week. First, we had the frightening case of the Qantas Boeing 747-400 on its way from London to Melbourne, which was forced to divert to Manila after an explosion last Friday. And that was just the beginning. (From Tripso)

Now they’re desperate: hotel chain offers rooms at $8 a night — Super 8 is calling it a promotion. But guests might have another name for it: desperation. (From Tripso)

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