Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is an is an Italian-American multinational automobile manufacturer. It is the world’s seventh-largest auto maker headquartered in London, England.

25 St James’s Street
London, UK

Phone Contacts

Main: (800) 247-9753
Customer Service: (888) 242-6342

Corporate Phone Number: (248) 576-5741

General Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Alfa Romeo 844 253 2872
Chrysler 800 CHRYSLER (800 247 9753)
Dodge 800 4A DODGE (800 423 6343)
FIAT 888 CIAO FIAT (888 242 6342)
Jeep 877 IAM JEEP (877 426 5337)
Ram 866 RAM INFO (866 726 4636)
Mopar 888 528 HEMI (888 528 4364)
SRT 855 SRT TEAM (855 778 8326)

Customer Service Resources

List of Executives

Social Media Contacts


Executive Contacts

Primary Contact
Shawn Morgan
Head of Corporate and Leadership Support Communications
25 St James’s Street
London, UK

Secondary Contact
Mike Chernoby
25 St James’s Street
London, UK

Chief Executive
Sergio Marchionne
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
25 St James’s Street
London, UK

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