The opaque travel site with the most complaints is … (this one’s for the math cops)

By now, my friends, you must know that these “in” box polls have a certain randomness and statistical irrelevance to them.

The math police came after me after totaling the online travel agency complaints a few days ago. They also frowned on my analysis of fee complaints.

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But is that going to stop me? Oh no.

For your consideration, then, I give you the opaque sites. These numbers are not adjusted or processed in any way — as before, they are raw totals of the number of times the companies have been mentioned in email conversations.

Here’s Priceline:

Here’s Hotwire:

And here’s the two, side-by-side:

Priceline is in blue, with 700 complaints; Hotwire is in red, with 852.

But interestingly, I don’t have any record of Priceline complaints before 2008, even though I’ve been storing emails in the cloud — where they can be irresponsibly queried — since 2004.

Hard to make a call on this one. But aren’t these numbers fun?

(Photo: d n c/Flickr Creative Commons)