I already miss Hawaii

Aren Elliott watches the sunset from the cove at Ko Olina.
Saying good-bye. Our monthlong adventure in Hawaii is almost over. We’re at Ko Olina today, where we’re checking out of a vacation rental property my family has fallen in love with. But we’re also excited, because for the next few days, we’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort (only four more Holiday Inn Resorts to go on our ambitious Away is Home project to visit every one).

The pool at the Ilihani at Ko Olina.
There’s plenty to do at Ko Olina. I highly recommend heading over to the Disney’s Aulani Resort for its entertainment (much of it free). We caught the Hula show last night, and the kids really loved it. The JW Marriott Ilihani next door is just wrapping up a renovation and it sparkles. It’s a great location for corporate and executive meetings, and I’m told the NFL likes to check into this place before the Pro Bowl. It also has a well-regarded spa, I’m told.

If you go, make sure you get a room with a kitchen. Trust me. Dining options are limited, and you’ll want to cook your own food. Get a Safeway card.

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I’m back on the mainland on Tuesday, but I already miss this place. Even before I feel the first blast of cold air. That’s when I’m going to be homesick for Hawaii. And I’m not even from here.

3 thoughts on “I already miss Hawaii

  1. The HI Beachcomber is in a good location for getting to the beach and walking around in the evening. The pool is very small. Don’t get a room by the elevator or you will constantly hear it ring. Entertainment is often provided in the evening by the pool so if you have an OV room you will hear it until around 10pm. Parking is expensive, around $30-$35 a day.

  2. CHris I hear ya.. We were in Waikiki left there on 11-9 86 degrees & arrived home to Sacramento at a chilly 41.. I was ready to turn around & get back on the plane. .. It is a shock for sure…

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