Elliott’s E-Mail: A missing refund, TSA steals iPads, and fall in Breckenridge, Colo.

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Greetings from Breckenridge, Colo., where we’re experiencing a gorgeous fall, with snow on the mountains and brilliant foliage. Here are a few sights and sounds from our family travel blog.

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Bizarre laws, and how to deal with them. In today’s Mint.com post, I tackle the problems of a strange “tourist” law in Slovenia, and what to do about other rules like it.

Welcome, Keep Your Cooler! I’m thrilled to introduce our newest underwriter, Keep Your Cooler, which offers ideal travel accessories. You’ll find many styles and sizes, perfect for carry on. Here’s more about Keep Your Cooler. I’m very grateful for their support of consumer advocacy, and hope you’ll stop by their site and show them some love.

Big changes! I’ve made some important additions to my site. Also, I reveal the “secret” schedule that’s been hidden in plain view. Here are the details.

On Elliott. What happened to this customer’s ticket refund? I investigate and find her money. Plus, did this reader give up too soon? Maybe you can tell me.

In my consumer Q&A, I answer the question of what to do when your cell phone doesn’t work. Can you get out of your contract? And should I chase down a missing customs stamp? You tell me!

Elsewhere. Are the TSA’s iPad thefts just the tip of the iceberg? In my Huffington Post column, I ask the question. In Newsweek, I issue a warning about fools gold on your credit card and what to do about it. In the Washington Post, I look into the dangers of flying on a bankrupt airline. And on Frommers.com, I have a few words about revenge and air travelers.

On Away is Home. We had quite the adventure in Salt Lake City, which included an amazing hike in Cottonwood Canyon. And Lake Tahoe — wow, just wow. Here’s our full report.

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Have an awesome week, everyone. Safe travels!

4 thoughts on “Elliott’s E-Mail: A missing refund, TSA steals iPads, and fall in Breckenridge, Colo.

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy the Crepes stand in Breckenridge! One of my favorite places to eat there. Was up there just a few weeks ago. Beautiful any time of year and they’ll be firing up the snow machines any time now.

  2. Laws requiring registration with local police aren’t unusual. Apparently this is the law in China unless one is staying at a “tourist hotel”. I suppose with a tourist hotel, the government has full access to the guest list. They also require that all people staying overnight in a hotel room be registered at the front desk. This isn’t simply a hotel policy by a national law. I don’t believe there’s a charge to register with the local police though.


    “All foreigners (tourists, visitors, and long-term residents) must
    register their place of residence with the local Public Security Bureau
    within 24 hours of arrival. Foreign nationals with resident permits are
    reminded to register after every re-entry into China from abroad as they
    are not exempted from this regulation which is now being more strictly
    enforced. If you are in a hotel, registration is done as part of the
    check-in process. Those staying with family or friends in a private home
    must also observe this requirement. Failure to do so can result in
    fines and/or detention.”


    “Whether you are traveling to or living in China, you must register with
    the police within 24 hours of your arrival in the
    country. Even foreigners with residence permits
    are required to register after each re-entry. If you are staying in a
    the staff will automaticallyregister you.
    However, if you are staying in a private home with family or friends,
    you should
    take your passport to the local police station
    to register. Failure to do so could result in fines and detention.”

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