His missed vacation is not an Expedia mistake

Ilya Kovalenko believes that an Expedia mistake caused Turkish Airlines to deny him boarding his recent international flight. And now he wants a full refund from Expedia and an apology. Unfortunately, the responsibility for Kovalenko’s missed vacation might lie a little closer to home.

You can take your baby on a cruise, but should you?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to take your baby on a cruise. But as a first time cruiser, Julie Belben didn’t realize just how complicated it could be to cruise with a baby. That is until the family was already out on the ocean. Now she has a long list of complaints about the experience and she wants a refund from Royal Caribbean. But is she owed anything?

Here is the most ridiculous hotel theft charge I’ve ever seen (Thanks, Choice)

Now it’s time to reveal the most ridiculous hotel theft charge ever: pillow thievery at a two-star hotel.

During a recent stay at a Quality Inn, it never crossed Tim Kendall’s mind to steal the luxurious pillows in his room. But that didn’t stop the manager of this Choice Hotels franchised property from branding the elderly man as a pillow thief. And you won’t believe the outrageous value that this guy placed on two standard pillows.

An Expedia error, a canceled vacation and a $1,300 loss? Not so fast!

Sheila Couch is looking forward to a tropical island getaway with her beau when a work-related emergency puts a sudden end to their plans. Believing that the Expedia insurance she had purchased will protect her prepaid fees for this trip, she files a claim for a refund. But will an Expedia error lead to a $1,300 loss?

This is how an internet scam stole her heart and money

Karen Cariaga couldn’t believe her luck. She had just secured a glamorous British Airways job and found love at the same time. The possibility that she might be caught up in an internet scam never crossed her mind.

But in her excitement, the young woman had let her guard down. That was a mistake.

This is what happens when you miss your cruise home

What happens when you miss your cruise home from Cuba — or anywhere else for that matter? Kevin Rohrer can tell you.

During a recent cruise on the Norwegian Sky, Rohrer and his girlfriend missed the ship’s reboarding deadline by two hours. The boat sailed home without the couple, and they suddenly found themselves stranded on the island.

Can you cruise with Medicare? She has a painful warning to share

When Maureen Niland and her husband booked their recent HAL cruise, their thoughts were on new adventures — not medical insurance. But tragedy struck just hours after the ship left the port in Ft. Lauderdale. John Niland suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died. And the new widow learned a terrible lesson – never take a cruise with Medicare as your primary insurance.

Here it is: The worst airline seat ever! (Thanks, Aer Lingus)

Have you ever wondered what the worst airline seat in the history of modern-day commercial flight looks like? Well, wonder no more! Aer Lingus recently assigned Matt Madrigal to the worst airline seat — ever.

What happened to his lost luggage? Blue Ribbon Bags knows

Blue Ribbon Bags, a lost luggage tracking service, offers a $1,000 guarantee. If the company fails to find your lost luggage within 96 hours, you get the cash. That deal sounded pretty sweet to Vamsi Kosaraju, especially when his mother-in-law lost her bag on a recent flight.

Was she really forced to buy a $20,000 diamond on her cruise?

During her recent Caribbean cruise, Kathy Hoffarth purchased a $16,000 diamond in Jamaica. At the next port, she exchanged it for a larger, more expensive one. Now that she is home she doesn’t want that diamond, either, and she wants her money back. But is that possible?

What you need to know about your Southwest travel funds

A year ago, a sudden major medical emergency forced Christopher King to cancel a Las Vegas vacation. He banked the value of his Southwest Airlines flight and intended to use it after he recovered. But now those Southwest travel funds are about to expire, and he isn’t quite well enough to use them yet.

An Expedia error sent me on a one-way trip to the Bahamas

Mohammad Samadpouriejavid plans to take a winter break and spend a few days on the warm, sunny beaches of the Bahamas. He’s not intending to stay indefinitely. So when an Expedia error schedules him on a one-way journey with no return, he needs our help.

No, you can’t fly internationally with just a library card.

Elgy Gillespie was on her way to the airport when she lost her passport. No problem, she thought. She had recently read an article about lost passport problems. So she was confident that she could talk her way onboard her international flight without it. But when a Norwegian Air Shuttle agent unequivocally denied her check-in without a passport, she is stunned by his lack of understanding and contacted Elliott Advocacy for help.

Can I get a Spirit Airlines refund? Nicaragua is in a deadly crisis

Nicaragua is in a deadly crisis. But Gregory Green planned his family’s summer vacation there months before the turmoil began. When he receives a rejection of his Spirit Airlines refund request, he turns to the Elliott Advocacy team. Can we help?

Here it is: The most ridiculous hotel damage fee — ever!

A Hampton Inn recently hit Doris Weller with the most ridiculous hotel damage fee I’ve seen to date. According to Weller, when she checked out, she left her room in tip-top shape. But the hotel’s management strongly disagreed.

It charged her a $250 deep-cleaning fee for room damage of an embarrassing nature. And now Weller wants the Elliott Advocacy team to clear her name and get her money back. Can we?

Blacklisted by Batteries Plus! What happened to her shattered iPhone?

Monique Chevalier shattered the screen on her iPhone 7, and she wanted it fixed — cheap and fast. So she went down to her local Batteries Plus franchise and handed over the severely damaged device. The technicians there promised to repair the screen for $139 in just one hour. So how did this transaction end up with Chevalier being blacklisted by Batteries Plus?

His Airbnb nightmare: He found blood and urine on the mattress!

Koji Kawana and his family are looking forward to an exciting five days in New York City. The group has a tight schedule with plenty of activities planned. However, he hasn’t planned for the Airbnb nightmare that is about to confront him. When Kawana pulls back the sheets on the beds in their rental, he discovers blood and urine staining both mattresses. So why won’t Airbnb refund his money for this horrible rental?

The Retail Equation and how it protects merchants against serial returners

When Mahitha Sadhanala heads to CVS to make some returns, he isn’t expecting any problems — after all, he has done this many times before. So it comes as a shock when the cashier firmly refuses to accept the items. When he asks for an explanation, she refers him to something called The Retail Equation.

She missed a Spirit connection daydreaming at the gate…

Flying home from her tropical vacation in Mexico, Alla Machavariane mysteriously missed a Spirit connection in Chicago. She has no explanation for it.

She says that she and her husband were sitting patiently at the gate for five hours before the flight. But somehow they never saw all the other passengers board and take off without them. And now she wants Spirit Airlines to pay $2,000 for the new flights they purchased to get home.

This is how a mystery shopper scam cost her thousands

Michele Turner recently received an unsolicited invitation to become a secret shopper for Walmart. This new job sounded unbelievably easy and lucrative. So she quickly accepted the offer. But what happened next cost her $1,700 as she joined the ranks of victims of this mystery shopper scam.

She missed the prom — and her Promlily refund

Ben Brian says his daughter missed the prom all because of a company called Promlilly. It sent her an unattractive and damaged prom dress that looked nothing like the photo on its website.

He wants to send this monstrosity back and get a refund. But there’s a big problem — who, and where, is Promlily?

Los Angeles Singles never found her love. Refund, please!

Suzanne Lee finds the Los Angeles dating scene hard to navigate so she decides to hire a matchmaking service to help the process along. She pays $2,000 to Los Angeles Singles and then prepares to meet her Mr. Right. Things don’t go as planned and now she wants a refund for this expensive dating service disaster. But is this just buyer’s remorse?

Will his failed Capital One chargeback end in a $4,800 loss?

When Simon Khin decides to purchase ground coffee worth $48 at the end of his recent plantation tour in Bali, he is startled to discover that he has actually been charged $4,800. But what was more shocking to Khin was Capital One’s refusal to permanently reverse this fraudulent charge.

How to avoid this vacation rental wire transfer mistake

Margot Rowland and her husband just wanted to take their grandchildren on a memorable journey to Paris. So she scoured the HomeAway site and found the perfect vacation home for the family. But as their travel plans were coming together, she made a wire transfer mistake that the bank could not reverse. And now the trip and their $3,000 are in jeopardy.

What you need to know about that SSSS stamp on your boarding pass

SSSS! Behold the four letters that you don’t ever want to see on your boarding pass. If you find the Secondary Security Screening Selection stamp on your ticket, you should know that the TSA agents will be treating you to an extra-thorough and specialized security screening. Lucky you!

But how, and by whom, are passengers selected for this additional form of screening? After Jo Freeman’s recent unpleasant close encounter of the TSA kind, she wants to know.

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