Is there any way to fix this Agoda problem?

Rachel Gaspers has a big Agoda problem and she wants our help to fix it. But can we?

Gasper’s case highlights the risks you might be taking when you use an obscure third party booking site like Unfortunately, as in this case, these risks can include foreign currency confusion among other things. As a result, you just might not be getting the deal you think you’re getting. Read more “Is there any way to fix this Agoda problem?”

What happened to my missing Hertz discount code?

Before Stephen Gondek boarded his flight back to Minneapolis, Hertz broadsided him with some bad news. The car rental company had given him a quote of $203 when he reserved his car, thanks to a Friends and Family Hertz discount code. Now it was charging him $814.

What happened to his missing Hertz discount? Read more “What happened to my missing Hertz discount code?”

No ticket on Travelocity. Now what?

When Anne Mitchell logged onto Travelocity to check her flight status, she made a horrifying discovery. She had reserved a flight on Thomas Cook Airlines from Manchester, England, to Orlando, but now she had no ticket on Travelocity. The reservation was a “ticketing in progress” — and she would have to pay $1,950 for a last-minute flight. Read more “No ticket on Travelocity. Now what?”

Can I fight an Avis loss of use claim after 7 months?

If Eric Geyer could retake his Arizona vacation, he’d do many things differently. He’d find out about the Avis loss of use policy when reserving his rental car. He would also check out the auto insurance coverage available through his Visa credit card. He’d carefully photograph the car at the beginning and end of his rental. Read more “Can I fight an Avis loss of use claim after 7 months?”

Why won’t JustFly help me out?

JustFly help seems to be an oxymoron these days. Deonna Pruitt is the latest in a long queue of customers to make that discovery. Read more “Why won’t JustFly help me out?”