Tour refund

Need a tour refund? Try these expert strategies for getting one

Think you deserve a tour refund? Maybe not.

That’s what Robert Grabe discovered when he booked a Rocky Mountaineer tour before the pandemic.

Rocky Mountaineer offers rail tours of the Canadian Rockies, with stops in places like Jasper, Whistler and Kamloops. There’s also a can’t-miss adventure from Denver to Moab, Utah, through the legendary red rocks.

Grabe placed a deposit of $3,618 for a Canadian rail tour. Then the pandemic hit. Rocky Mountaineer canceled his trip and rescheduled him for 2021. Then it canceled his 2021 trip again and tried to reschedule it.

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Do ethics matter in travel? Yes, and here’s why

Maybe you missed the announcement that the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is introducing a “ground-breaking” new course focused on ethics in the travel industry.

If you’re like most travelers, you may not know the American Society of Travel Agents from the American String Teachers Association.