Hey Frigidaire, where’s my replacement refrigerator?

It takes Frigidaire two months to replace Missi McLean’s broken refrigerator. Then it delivers another appliance that doesn’t work. Can this Frigidaire be saved? Read more “Hey Frigidaire, where’s my replacement refrigerator?”

Cheated by neimanmarcus.com?

Even though Neiman Marcus promises Julia Lee a $125 gift card, it doesn’t arrive. Now, the retailer says it’s expired. What gives?
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Uh-oh! My Expedia coupon had a little accident

Question: Maybe you can help me with this little dilemma. I booked a trip for my nephew to Reno, Nevada, through Expedia. I made the reservation by phone. The trip went well, but I was promised a $50 gas card.

When I received the card, it was damaged and there were no instructions on how to activate it. Expedia said I could use the card anywhere, but when I tried, no one would honor it.
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My refrigerator is cursed – can you lift the spell?

Question: I bought a refrigerator from Best Buy a few years ago. The first

Mark Sinderson/Flickr Creative Commons
fridge had a problem that could not be fixed, so it was replaced under warranty. The second fridge had a construction problem (that wasn’t noticed prior to delivery because apparently products are not given a visual examination before leaving the warehouse). And the third fridge, which was delivered in February 2012, died almost a month ago.
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