Should a glitch in Lufthansa’s website cost me $840?

When Laura Dovalo tried to book tickets on Lufthansa for herself and her children, she received an error message — twice. She tried to rebook her flights, and the third time was a charm – until she discovered that she had booked “overlapping flights” that cost her $840 more than she had intended to pay. Read more “Should a glitch in Lufthansa’s website cost me $840?”

They didn’t ‘wanna get away’ like this

Southwest called it a “technical glitch.” Travelers called it a nightmare.

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I know what you sent me this summer


You’ll never believe it, but I’ve managed to sift through all of the June and July emails this weekend. And I haven’t thrown my laptop out the window yet.

The Readers Digest version so far: Since January, 10,000 emails have been stuck in a digital limbo. It’s a mother lode of messages – everything from requests for help from consumers to hate mail.

I’ve already reviewed the September messages and the August emails. I’m happy to report that I’m down to about 3,000 messages, after weeding out the autoresponders and spam press releases.

The most embarrassing email? That would be the one from my sister in Phoenix with pictures of my newborn niece. I’m so sorry I missed that one, Aimee. And a very belated thanks for sending snapshots of the new baby. She’s a cutie.
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Did Southwest Airlines do enough for fare glitch victims?

It was a weekend that Maryrose Solis would rather forget.
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