JustFly let me book an illegal route — now I want a refund

Using an online travel agency (OTA) to book a vacation in Asia seemed like a good idea at the time to Mitchell Knutson. But when things went wrong, this traveler claimed that the OTA sold him an illegal ticket. He wants our help to get it to reimburse his $1,000 loss.

Having a complicated citizenship caused an expensive problem for this traveler

Leon Razzon is convinced that his daughter, Lora, should have been permitted to fly from Raleigh-Durham to Istanbul with only a U.S. Passport, which was about to expire, and a Turkish citizen card. American Airlines denies her boarding — and now he wants compensation.

Making a plethora of complaints often leads to this response — crickets

Chirp. That’s the sound you hear of Air India’s response to Janette Neff’s long list of complaints. Too many issues and no documentation resulted in no assistance from Air India. Had Neff taken different steps, the airline might have responded to her request with a gesture of goodwill.

Car trouble? We can help you with that, too.

This past September, Jim Crowly’s 2011 Dodge Ram needed servicing as indicated by an illuminated “check engine light.” He brought it to Jim Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood, Ariz. What followed was a series of miscommunications, wrongly ordered parts, unanswered questions and mechanic changes that left his truck still in the shop two months later.

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