There’s no such thing as “free” when you travel

Chase lied. United Airlines lied.

At least that’s how Marc Blumenthal sees it. When United offered him a United MileagePlus Explorer Card, which included a “free checked bag” for cardholders, it misrepresented the product in a significant way.

Blumenthal tried to get his “free” bag on his next United flight, but a gate agent insisted on charging him.

“I was told that in order to get the first checked bag free, I need to pay for the flight with the Chase credit card,” he says.
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They confiscated 201,780 points — can you help me get them back?


Question: I recently applied and received a co-branded credit card from Chase and AARP. The card had in introductory offer of 5 percent for the first six months of card usage. I used the card and earned 201,780 points. Every single charge was legitimate and I have receipts. Furthermore, every single charge was authorized by Chase.

This week, I logged into my online account to find my account was closed and I would not be getting the points accrued the last fiscal month of activity. I called Chase and they told me because the card was not “used as intended” they had closed my account.
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Chase tries to call my mother every day, but she’s been dead two years

Question: My mother died two years ago. Since then, account alerts from Chase have continually come to my phone, a number that was both set to receive account alerts prior to her death, and also a number to which all her calls were forwarded after her death.
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Help! My refund is missing in action

Question: I’m hoping you can provide me some direction. I recently booked three tickets for my parents on American Airlines for my wedding in the Caribbean. The flights kept changing, and due to overnight layovers and schedule constraints, I ended up having to cancel their flights with American Airlines and re-book with another airline.

American Airlines agreed to issue a full credit. But a problem arose because I have closed the original Chase credit card account that I paid for their tickets with. When I spoke to American Airlines, they said that if Chase rejected the credit, they would be able to issue a paper check refund.

This is where the fun began. For the last three months, I have been trying to track down my credit with Chase bank. For whatever reason, they do not have any record of my credit card account in their system when I try to call their credit card customer service number.

I finally received a letter saying that they were waiting for a response from American Airlines. I’ve tried to call and write the American Airlines refunds department to see if they have received the letter, but have heard nothing. I feel like I’m getting the runaround from everyone. Can you help? — Dara Chuang, Houston

Answer: You are getting the runaround from everyone. American Airlines should have been able to reissue the credit as a check when Chase rejected its payment.
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