If you suspect a scammer sent you money, what should you do next?

What’s the safest thing to do if a suspected scammer sends you money via an instant bank transfer?

That’s something Erin Scheithe wants to know. She recently received a surprising text that an unknown person had made a $925 cash app payment to her. Soon after that, a panicked woman emailed pleading for the return of the misguided funds. But when Scheithe asked her bank for guidance, things really started going wrong.

How did I lose the credit card dispute over this online shopping scam?

Before you do any more online shopping, you’ll want to read about the scam that just ensnared Susan Leipholtz. She paid an online “merchant” $129 through PayPal and received absolutely nothing in return. But getting blindsided by the internet thief wasn’t nearly as shocking as what happened next. That’s when Capital One sided with the scammer in her credit card dispute.

Now a shell-shocked Leipholtz is asking us to retrieve the money stolen from her in this online shopping scam.

But can we do it?

What can you do if you sent money to a stranger by mistake?

What if you sent $500 to the wrong person by mistake and that person refused to give back your money? That’s the shocking situation in which Rossin Asilo recently found herself.

Using the money transfer app Zelle for the first time, Asilo made a simple typo entering her friend’s phone number. That error dropped the cash intended for a memorial donation into the wrong person’s bank account. Unfortunately, that stranger appears to view the transaction as a $500 windfall and will not return the money.

Now Asilo is hoping that the Elliott Advocacy team can find a way to get her money back. But that request might just prove to be an impossible task.

How are my Amazon gift cards worthless? Help!

If you bought or received gift cards over the holidays, you’ll likely find this tale of particular interest. Deborah Kahn recently purchased two Amazon gift cards at her local pharmacy but found them to be worthless when she tried to redeem them. Then the company told her that she’s out of luck.

Can we figure out what’s gone wrong here? (Last updated Dec.2020)