DirecTV On Demand down? You’ve got a friend

Recently, a former work colleague, Amy Johnson, was lamenting on her Facebook page about how her DirecTV On Demand had been down for a couple days.

She posted that she had contacted DirecTV customer service by phone (AT&T purchased DirecTV several years ago), and that the representative told her the company was aware of the problem but did not have an expected date of resolution.

“When I asked for a credit to my account because I was not receiving all benefits of my account working properly, they said they were unable because DirecTV On Demand is a perk of their programming,” Johnson said. “I reminded them that the On Demand service was a selling point to become a customer, but all they would offer me was a free, three-month trial for a movie channel.”

Johnson’s Facebook friends followed her lamentation with a string of harsh comments about cable and satellite providers:

  • “DirecTV has gone to crap since AT&T took over.”
  • “All the cable companies and dish networks always screw the customers.”
  • “DirecTV has changed and not for the better.”
  • “Cut the cord!”
You’ve got a friend who’s a consumer advocate

After reading the missives of several angry cable and satellite customers, I chimed in with something a little more constructive. I told Johnson that I am a volunteer writer/editor for this website, and that I had a plan.

How to advocate for yourself — use our DirecTV company contacts

I enlightened Johnson about how she had the power to act on her own behalf when DirecTV On Demand is down, or anytime she feels she is being mistreated by a company. First, I directed her to our list of corporate contacts for AT&T and DirecTV. Next, I instructed her to send a brief, polite email to one of the lower-ranking contacts and to work up the list if there’s no satisfactory response within a couple of weeks.

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She thanked me for the advice and said she had “several other issues” to work out with AT&T.

A (not so) surprising ending

After a slight hiccup in which her first email bounced back, Johnson tried again and an AT&T representative soon responded to her complaint.

“To my sheer surprise I received a phone call from the Office of the President within an hour of me hitting ‘send’ on an email,” Johnson told me. “THAT is how customer service should be. We had a great conversation and resolved multiple issues. Thank you!!!”

“OMG, that’s amazing!” I responded (this, of course, was on social media, so please forgive my abbreviation).

I asked Johnson for permission to write about her story in order to educate fellow consumers that the power to battle companies is in their hands.

If you can’t find the contact information for a company on our website, you can easily submit a request to our research department so that we can get you the tools to solve these kinds of issues on your own.

Simply follow the steps Johnson took to seek a successful resolution, and know that if all else fails, we’re here to help, Facebook friends or not.

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