Am I responsible for maintaining the fluids in my rental car?

Doesn’t a renter have a reasonable expectation that fluids have been topped off before each rental? Isn’t the fact that someone else deals with maintenance part of the enjoyment of a vacation rental car? Is there a difference here between what the rental car contract may say and what the right thing is for the rental car company to do in this situation? Do rental car customers have a right to assume that routine maintenance has been performed on the car they’re receiving?

Charged 2,610 euro for a damaged gearbox on my Sixt rental car

When the clutch on Cheng Ling’s rental car fails shortly after he picks it up, he and his family are stranded at the side of the road. But Sixt waits three months after the car is returned to invoice him 2,610 euros for damage he didn’t cause. Can our advocates help him get Sixt to drop the charge?

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