Who’s responsible for these bad TSA agents?

Like Alan Rickman in Die Hard or Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, the fine men and women of the TSA — mostly the men, actually — are really good at being bad.
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TSA Watch: Vote for your favorite TSA hero — or villain

The strange case of Yukari Miyamae, the airline passenger who allegedly grabbed the breast of a TSA employee after refusing to be screened last week, got me thinking. Every few months, someone seems to capture the traveling public’s attention with an action that exposes the absurdity and indignity of being frisked at the airport.

Many of us would call them heroes for their actions. Others would say they’re villains, because they demoralize the TSA and give comfort to the “enemy.”

So let’s put it to a vote.

Which TSA hero — or anti-hero — has contributed the most to the current dialogue about airport security?
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