Is there an easy way out of this $1,048 vacation rental problem?

Just days before a trip to Jerusalem, Meera Sundram got hit with a vacation rental problem she never saw coming. An unexpected PayPal request for a $1,000 security deposit arrived from the host of her intended VRBO rental. And when Sundram balked at the payment method, the host told her to take it or leave it.

Sundram decided to leave it. And then the host decided to keep her entire rental payment — all $1,048 of it. Now she wants to know if the Elliott Advocacy team can get her money back. Read more “Is there an easy way out of this $1,048 vacation rental problem?”

How to handle a vacation rental disaster

To say that Alan Muskat’s accommodations in Costa Rica were a vacation rental disaster would be an understatement.

“It was horrid,” Muskat says. Mosquitoes buzzed through gaping holes in the screens. Termites infested the kitchen. The roof leaked.

“Worst of all, it had fleas,” he remembers. Read more “How to handle a vacation rental disaster”