Space is shrinking on a plane — here’s what to do about it

Does anyone really believe that airlines are installing bigger overhead bins so you can drag your regulation-size carry-on bag on the plane?
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Space wars are shifting to the human rights front

Do you have the right to room on a plane?

If you answered “no,” you’re probably with the majority of American travelers. After all, airlines are private companies, and you always have the option of paying more for an upgraded seat, don’t you?
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Airline passengers go to war over bin space

If mentioning the word “overhead bin” doesn’t raise your blood pressure, maybe you haven’t flown recently.

But John Masters has. On a recent AirTran Airways flight, the Wichita, Kan., legal assistant noticed that the airline made every effort to persuade passengers to check their bags. Many refused.

One air traveler seated near him then laid claim to an overhead compartment that’s meant to store carry-ons for four passengers.
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Spaced out in Oakland

The Oakland Hills may be the last place you’d expect to find a first-rate museum dedicated to space and science. But that’s exactly what we discovered yesterday, when we stumbled upon the Chabot Space & Science Center.

Well, we didn’t exactly stumble upon it. We had read about it, but we didn’t know what to expect up in the Oakland Hills.
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Space agent Upchurch: Virgin Galactic flights will be “life changing”

galactic1Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s commercial space tourism venture, is scheduled to unveil SpaceShipTwo today. It’s the first spacecraft designed with the sole purpose of carrying paying passengers into suborbital space. Among the first astronauts will be Matthew Upchurch, chief executive officer of the travel agency consortium Virtuoso. Virgin Galactic has trained more than 70 Virtuoso travel agents as Accredited Space Agents. I asked Upchurch to tell me more about space travel — and space travel agents.

What will it be like to travel into space on Virgin Galactic?

Life-changing. That’s the best way to describe it. I’ve never aspired to be an astronaut like many others who want to take this flight, but I am dedicated to travel and seeking out the best possible experiences as it relates to travel.
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