Consumer groups try to revive Clear Airfare Amendment with “crucial” fix

When we last checked on Sen. Robert Menendez Clear Airfare Amendment, it was roadkill. The Air Transport Association had apparently gutted the legislation in plain view, leaving consumer groups to watch in stunned silence.

But it looks like the proposed law’s wounds were not mortal, after all. The Consumer Federation of America and the Consumer Travel Alliance, in consultation with several industry groups, have breathed new life into the legislation.
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Did lobbyists eviscerate Sen. Menendez’ Clear Airfare Amendment?

Here’s a copy of the revised Clear Airfare Amendment (PDF) that was passed by the Senate. Notice any changes?

This legislation was one of the best opportunities to compel airlines and travel agents to quote an all-inclusive price.

What do you think of amendments to the amendment?

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Clear Airfares Act of 2009 aims to expose hidden fees and taxes

terminal3Ever wished there was a law that forces airlines to disclose all extras on their tickets? Right up front. While you’re shopping for flights.

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) apparent does, so he’s proposed bill that would do just that. The Clear Airfares Act of 2009 would ensure that before passengers are required to submit personal or payment information, they’re given a full and clear breakdown of their airfare, as well as any other possible fees that might be incurred on the flight (such as baggage, meal and pet fees).

The proposal comes at a great time. This year, airlines have instituted a new holiday surcharge of as much as $50 per flight on the busiest travel days during the holiday season. For consumers, it requires clicking to peripheral Web pages and wading through often confusing text to understand whether or not their airfare includes these surcharges and what other taxes and fees may have been added, according to Menendez.
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