Hey, those aren’t the seats I bought on Ticketmaster – are they?

Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com
Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com
Michael Seldin’s concert tickets were not what he expected. Is Ticketmaster to blame?

Question: I recently bought tickets for a Brad Paisley concert at the Amway Center in Orlando through Ticketmaster.

When I arrived at the concert and saw just how far from the stage my seats actually were, I attempted to exchange them at the customer service desk. An Amway Center customer service supervisor was very helpful and said she could make a trade if better seats were available.

She accompanied me to the box office but, since it was pretty much a sold-out show, better seats were not available, so I kept the tickets I had and my wife and I stewed in our seats for the entire performance.
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Delta Economy “Comfort” fell short — can we get a refund?

delta jetRod and Carol Mourant recently flew from Seattle to Miami on Delta Air Lines, and they didn’t like it. Amid their list of complaints is one that stuck, and made me wonder if maybe they had a case.

They played by the rules, and lost. Now they want my help in righting a wrong.

“There were several events that made the trip less than enjoyable,” says Rod Mourant. “From our perspective, the most irritating were Delta’s attitude and their baggage policy. Through actual experience, we found out that Delta’s carry-on and checked baggage policies are a joke.”
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Ridiculous or not? Lie-flat airline seats = snoring epidemic

While everyone else is touting the benefits of new “lie-flat” airline seats in business- and first class, I know I can count on you, dear readers, to find a “down” side.

And here it is.
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