LivingSocial won’t honor its cashback restaurant promotion

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Tipping is really out of control now

You probably already know that tipping is out of control in the United States. If you don’t, this story will get you up to speed on this money-grabbing epidemic. Read more “Tipping is really out of control now”

What if restaurants were run like airlines?

If you’ve booked an airline ticket recently, then you already know about its bizarre, counterintuitive rules. A round-trip ticket costs less than a one-way ticket. Change fees can be higher than the fare. Your miles don’t even belong to you.
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Who knew Costa Rican food could be so expensive?

Randy Brachman is shocked when his $16 lunch bill turns into a $1,608 bill at a Costa Rican restaurant. Can he get his money back?

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Why you should tip 25 percent

The shameful state of the salaries of restaurant workers, who often earn a poverty-level $2.13 an hour before gratuities, is a topic that’s hotter than the biscuits in Paula Deen’s kitchen these days.

But while politicians argue about the minimum wage and lobbyists push to keep workers’ salaries artificially low, I have an unconventional recipe for righting this obvious wrong: Tip more.

Yes, some industry-watchers believe it’s time to freeze the tipping tradition. Withhold your gratuity and a fundamentally flawed and unfair system will crumble, they say. They’ll get no disagreement on the flawed and unfair part from me, but unless the cost of the gratuity is baked into menu prices, pulling your tips will just hurt the people it’s trying to help.

The number to aim for: 25%.
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