Help, my Honda radio is on the blink


Question: A few days ago, the display on the radio of my 2003 Honda Accord went on the blink. The radio still works, but I can’t see any of the stations.

I called Honda customer service and mentioned that I’d done some research and found that the radios on the 2003 Honda Accords had this problem. She looked into your corporate records and told me that there was a class-action suit and Honda would repair the defective radios for seven years or 110,000 miles. She told me that since that time has elapsed, Honda could not take care of the problem.
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A “royal” complaint with the right resolution? Maybe not

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, you get what happened to Paul and Cindy Bergeson on their 30th wedding anniversary trip to Mexico.

You get trouble.

The Bergesons checked in at The Royal Playa del Carmen on Jan. 15th. The Royal promises (I’m not making this up) an “an explosion of luxury around every corner, all provided in an atmosphere of casual elegance.”

An explosion is exactly what they ended up with, figuratively speaking. Because at the same time, 250 listeners of a Chicago-area rock station had descended on the same property to celebrate something called Cabin Fever Getaway.
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Independence Day!

Today is the day I untether.

I’m disconnecting all of my landlines, my ISDN and upgrading to an ultralight, two-pound laptop. What better time to share a few thoughts about the future of technology and travel — and what it might mean for you.

A lot of you have already unplugged your phones. Few of you probably know what an ISDN is or what it does. And computer upgrades happen every day. But when everything happens on the same day … well, that’s noteworthy.
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