Donald Trump is making American consumers great again. Here’s how

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The most expensive breakfast ever

At the Players Cafe in Liberia, Costa Rica, Marc Anderson had to fork over a bundle when he bought breakfast at the airport. His order consisted of four coffees, two orange juices, one bottled water, one bagel, two English muffin sandwiches, and one Denver omelette.

The cost? $92.84.
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More than $1k for an annual Disney pass? Quaaaaaack!

The Internet is having a Donald Duck-like tantrum after hearing news that Disney’s popular theme park annual passes jumped by up to 35 percent, crossing the psychologically important $1,000-a-year-mark.
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The Elliott Show: Loyalty programs, cruise prices and … oops

In this week’s episode of The Christopher Elliott Show, I forget the name of my guest, and my own name (oh, I’ll edit that part out) and I talk loyalty programs and cruise prices with Doug Parker. No, not that Doug Parker — that one. (Not enough espresso, my friends. Not enough espresso!)

Who’s to blame for this tourist trap?

Monhegan Island, Me., is almost too pretty for words. That’s probably how the problem started; everyone wanted to go there.

It isn’t easy or inexpensive. A one-hour ferry ride from Port Clyde, on Maine’s rugged middle coast, will set you back $32 roundtrip.
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