Can breast-feeding activists have it both ways on a plane?

One of the hot discussions this summer centered around the rights of mothers to nurse their babies on a plane.
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Don’t shoot? But it’s a public space

Mind your camera when you’re traveling this summer.

Taking an innocent snapshot in a public area may get you in trouble, even if photography is allowed. It almost landed Ryan Miklus behind bars when he flew from Phoenix to Reno with his parents recently.

When Miklus tried to videotape an altercation between his mother and a TSA agent, another officer tried to stop him. “You are not allowed to film,” the officer says on the video. “You need to go. You cannot film us.”

“Where does it say that?” Miklus asks. “Show me the law. Show it to me and I’ll stop.”
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TSA Watch: Take a picture of a checkpoint, go to jail?

Bridget Garrity recently saw a sign at Baltimore-Washington International Airport that made her turn off her cell phone a little faster.

“It said it’s against the law to take a photo or video of TSA doing their job,” she says.

Garrity wanted to take a snapshot of the sign and send it to me, but she was afraid she might be breaking the law by doing that, too. And she knows a thing or two about rules; she’s a lawyer.

TSA is pretty clear about what is — and isn’t — allowed at checkpoints. You can take pictures as long as it doesn’t interfere with the screening process.

So what about those warnings? I asked the agency, and was told the signs weren’t TSA’s. So I checked with the airport.
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