Uh-oh! Air travel just got a lot more dangerous

It pains me to write this, but when it comes to air travel, I think the terrorists may have won.

No, they didn’t bring down another plane. But as of this morning, they know exactly how to do it. I’ll get to the details in a minute.

The bad guys have won in another important respect: They’ve succeeded in making air travel a transportation mode of last resort for many Americans. Readers are telling me they’d sooner walk to their destination than fly, thanks to the Transportation Security Administration’s invasive body scans and pat-downs.

The latest example is Lisa Daidone’s disturbing account of being scanned, frisked and mistreated by agents in Tampa on Dec. 3.

“Next time I travel, I’ll drive before I even consider flying,” she wrote. “The time saved is not worth feeling the way I still do about what was done to me.”

But that pales in comparison with the roadmap we’ve offered the terrorists for blowing up our planes.
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