It’s never too late to snowboard in Pennsylvania

My physician wasn’t thrilled when I told him I wanted to learn to snowboard at the tender age of 57. He sighed — and suggested I buy a motorcycle instead.

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One-way toll surprise leads motorist down windy road

As far as surprises go, the one Michael Benson encountered on his drive from Breezewood, Pa., to the Ohio border was small but annoying: an extra $3.90 charged by the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But what followed was anything but small. When he tried to find out about the mystery toll, he was given the runaround by Turnpike authorities.

Then he went to war with them.

If nothing else, the bureaucrats and marketing executives who read this site should note the lengths to which Benson went to get answers for a $3.90 charge. Think about it. If you don’t clearly explain your pricing, this could happen to you.
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