I don’t “trust the Midas touch” anymore!

Skyye Watson’s Nissan Rogue vibrated when she stepped on the gas pedal, an annoying but fixable problem. In the process, her faith in Midas has been shaken — and despite our advocacy team’s best efforts, we can’t repair the damage. Read more “I don’t “trust the Midas touch” anymore!”

Nissan dealership won’t honor its warranty on my used car

Reed Scott buys a lemon from a Nissan dealership. Now it won’t cover the repairs for the malfunctioning car. Can it do that?

norcal roadQuestion: I bought my son a 2004 Chrysler Concorde from a Nissan dealership in another state recently. The car came with a 90-day, 3,000-mile warranty.

Shortly after that, the “check engine” light came on indicating a problem. I brought it to my local dealership and a technician told me a repair was necessary. But when I asked about the warranty, a representative from the dealership that sold me the car said it would not cover the repair because “the car will still drive.”
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Is Nissan lying about its Leaf?

David Imboden can’t wait for his Nissan Leaf, the highly-anticipated 100 percent electric car.

But he’s troubled by the long wait that seems to have been exacerbated by the earthquake in Japan, and the car manufacturer’s explanation — or lack thereof.

In April, 2010, Nissan allowed customers to reserve their very own Leaf for $99. He was given a delivery date of August or September 2010, but that quickly changed to October. And then, later that summer, he received more bad news: The Leaf had been delayed yet again until 2011. Read more “Is Nissan lying about its Leaf?”