Are TSA agents heroes?

Two TSA agents who reportedly thwarted a passenger kidnapping in Miami recently are being hailed as heroes by the mainstream media.

It’s an irresistible man-bites-dog story for a slow news day: The “sharp-eyed” screeners saw a suspicious-looking passenger traveling alongside two men and, thanks to their terror training, knew what they had to do.
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Case dismissed: Oops, I booked eight nights instead of one

Meryl Lee Seewald thought she was booking just one night at the Holiday Inn Miami International Airport. Instead, she booked eight.

Now she’s stuck with a nonrefundable one-week reservation at the hotel. Oh, if she’d only used a professional travel agent!

But wait: Seewald is the travel agent, and the reservation is for a client who is taking a cruise.

Now what?
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So that’s why hotels put water bottles in your room

If you thought hotels just stock the minibar in your room with overpriced bottles of Fiji in order to line their pockets, think again. Sure, at $6 or more per container, it’s liquid gold — but it could also prevent all of your guests from getting sick when the tap water is no longer safe to drink.

Consider what happened to Rosanne Skopp when she stayed at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach recently.
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British Airways does it again

heathrowBritish Airways can’t seem to stay out of the news this week. First, there was its fat-finger fare fiasco — still unresolved, as many customers wait to hear how they’ll be compensated. And just yesterday, I received word about a resolution on another case involving the airline.

Reader Nancy Ostrofsky was stranded in Miami twice while she waited to fly to London to see her son’s college graduation this summer. The first time, BA covered some of her expenses. But the second time, it fell short and eventually made her miss her son’s big day.
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