Slimy new car rental tricks you need to know now

Does anyone not have a car rental horror story like Dave Dzurick’s?

When Dzurick, a project manager from Tucson, Ariz., rented a car from Hertz in Milwaukee recently, a representative asked him if he wanted an upgrade. No mention of the cost. Read more “Slimy new car rental tricks you need to know now”

I have a secret (and I’m telling)

This week’s most popular story will probably come as no revelation: It was Heather Dratler’s tell-all about what experienced air travelers wish infrequent fliers knew.

Seems everyone wanted to chime in with their favorite tip for the occasional airline passenger. More on that in a minute.
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Why do airlines hate it when you know your rights?

Information is power.

No industry understands that better than airlines, which parcels out information about itself on a need-to-know basis, if it does at all. Don’t believe me? Then maybe you weren’t one of the thousands of air travelers affected by last week’s polar vortex, and who were stranded and left in the dark about their flights.

To get a true idea of the airline industry’s tortured relationship with information, consider what happened to Melissa Buchanan when she booked a flight for her mother from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“I inadvertently selected the wrong destination on her booking,” she says. She phoned Spirit Airlines to ask it to cancel her flight, and it told her that any changes or cancellations made after confirming a reservation carry a fee of $125 through its reservation center or $115 if done online.

But Spirit neglected to mention one very important detail.
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