I’m envious of those other laptop batteries – why won’t HP help me?

Luke Szulczewski’s aging HP laptop has the world’s worst battery. The company will replace it in four to six weeks. But what’s he supposed to use in the meantime?
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I’m done playing phone games with HP

Lisa Bernstein’s HP printer cartridge doesn’t work — and apparently, neither do the company’s phones. How can she get HP to honor its warranty?

Question: I’m writing because I’ve wasted hours unsuccessfully trying to get help from HP regarding a black printer cartridge for my HP Photosmart Premium printer that doesn’t work.

I’ve owned the printer for three years, and I’ve bought and installed numerous black and color printer cartridges. I recently purchased a black printer cartridge that did not work when I tried to print.

I called the HP customer support and technical support phone numbers, went through a system of responses to get to the department that should have provided assistance, waited on line for over 20 minutes, and finally was able to speak to a HP representative. I was told I could receive a refund or exchange of the cartridge, because the one I bought was under warranty.
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